It may be that Putin is accurately identified, like some say, as the Prince of Rosh in Ezekiel 38 and that these events are the beginning of the battle of Gog and Magog, but that’s something only God knows. What we do know is that the images of civilians suffering, children dying, and neighborhoods being bombed by Russian forces are not only deeply grieving but they evoke a strong desire to take a stand and say, “no more.” And in that regard, the strength of Ukraine’s leaders and people, in the face of overwhelming odds, has been nothing short of inspiring as they push back on this present-day evil. We stand against Putin’s war on the Ukraine.


  • Now is the time for God’s people to step up to the plate and pray that Putin’s efforts would be thwarted,
  • Pray that his army would leave Ukraine in full retreat,
  • And pray that God would bring the great spiritual awakening that both Russia and Ukraine desperately need. Like in the days of Hezekiah, we need to lay before the Lord the insidiousness of this desperate power grab and ask Him to demonstrate His might, “that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that You alone are the Lord.” (Isaiah 37:14-20)
  • Join our weekly Prayer for Ukraine gathering from 5:00-6:00pm every Thursday night in the Follow Up Room.


We are looking for individuals 25 years and older who are available for a weeklong commitment who feel called to give aid during this time in a trip we are organizing to help the Ukrainian people seeking refuge through the Tijuana border. Positions will include drivers, food prep, and liaisons between CTC and the border. No experience is required for these positions. For more information click here.



Senator Jacky Rosen
Offices: Las Vegas / Reno / Washington D.C.
Phone: 702-388-0205 / 775-337-0110 / 202-224-6244
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Offices: Las Vegas / Reno / Washington D.C.
Phone: 702-388-5020 / 775-686-5750 / 202-224-3542
Fax: 702-388-5030 / 775-686-5757 / 202-224-7327
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Congresswoman Dina Titus  1st District of Nevada

Offices: Las Vegas / Washington D.C.
Phone: 702-220-9823 / 202-225-5965
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Congressman Mark Amodei  2nd District of Nevada
Offices: Elko /  Reno / Washington D.C.
Phone: 775-777-7705 / 775-686-5760 / 202-225-6155
Fax: 775-753-9984 / 775-686-5711 / 202-225-5679
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Congresswoman Susie Lee  3rd District of Nevada
Offices: Las Vegas / Washington D.C.
Phone: 702-963-9336 / 202-225-3252
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Congressman Steven Horsford – 4th District of Nevada
Offices: North Las Vegas / Washington D.C.
Phone: 702-963-9360 / 202-225-9894
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  • Donate to our relief fund. We are gathering information and making connections with Christian relief organizations and will give updates on this page with specific information as it develops. Text “relief” and any amount to 702-710-4784, click below to donate online, or write “relief” on the envelope for cash and check donations.


We want to be here for you during this time of uncertainty.  If you would like prayer or to speak with a pastor please complete this form and someone will contact you directly.