The book of Genesis reveals that God had a plan all along. There wasn’t a surprising moment for Him. And even in humanity’s worst God brought forth the riches of His grace because that’s what He had determined to do from the beginning. God’s dealings with the Israelites and particularly Joseph’s life uncover His mighty works intricately woven throughout the history of humanity.

God Plans


The book of Genesis is the beginning of our world and everything in it, including us.  Why is the world the way it is?  Is there a right way to view our place in this world in relationship to each other and to God? The first book of the Bible reveals God’s creative plan for all of this and more!

We approached this teaching series with that creative spirit in mind and reached out to 6 artists who through prayer and inspiration created 6 art pieces for each of the sections we will be covering.  Below are the 6 sections with their art pieces and an explanation from the artists as to what inspired them.

God Speaks

Fior Murua
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Artist Description

All of creation evidences the glory and inceptive ingenuity of the most creative potter, sculptor, designer, and painter.
God, the most creative Creator by whom the Heavens and Earth were formed, light was birthed, the mountains were chiseled, and the deep was carved out. The One who saw His creation and called it good. I began writing a song on Genesis a couple of months ago out of complete awe of the sovereignty, immutability, and eternity of God. Long before mountains existed and before creation was established, He was here. The One with no beginning or end, gave us our beginning and determines our end. All of creation points us back to THE Creator with whom we were purposed to be in communion with. He created the beautiful flowers that decorate countrysides, filled the expansive oceans teeming with incredible life, paints the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets everyday, and also created YOU. He's loved you from Genesis.
- Fior Murua

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Section one: God Speaks
August 1-29
Creation •. Evolution • Naturalism
Special Guest Vince Vitale August 29

Transform Your Relationships

Miriam Cortrite
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Artist Description
We are loved by the Father, loved by the Son, loved by the Spirit. Three in one. Relationships on this earth have a way of thwarting our view of God’s relationship toward us. The heart and hope behind this illustration is that we surrender both good and bad relationships and ultimately look to the example in the unity of the trinity to fill us and become our new way of communing with people. That His love and original plan for humanity will be what is seen in us. Not what’s on the outside but what shines through from within.
- Miriam Cortrite
Notes: This illustration was made using four different images of real people. 1 young Indian boy, 1 female Caucasian child, 1 young Asian woman, 1 adult Black male.
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Section Two: Transform your Relationships
September 5 - October 10
Marriage • Dysfunction in relationships • Redemption
Special Vow renewal Ceremony Sunday 6 pm October 10

God Gives Grace

Riannon & Daniel
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Artist Description

“What inspired us to do this piece was to show how the sins of mankind is always trying to lift himself up by doing their own thing which results in chaos. What may look like destruction from above was actually God showing his grace with all his love for mankind showering down and wiping mans sins away so we could have a fresh start with him again.”
We did not have a title as this was a bit of a challenge honestly. I was struggling with it in the beginning and actually went through a few variations of it until I called my dad (who’s saved) and he told me to just go with the flow that the Lord was giving me. After that the ideas came naturally.
- Daniel and Riannon Rodriguez

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Section Three: God Gives Grace
October 17 - November 21
The Flood • Judgement and Grace • The Spiritual Realm
Special Guest Carl Kerby October 17

God Befriends

Keenan Fitzgerald
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Artist Description
When I think about God and Abraham’s friendship I’m overwhelmed by His patience and love for an imperfect human. Even though Abraham failed to trust God multiple times He continued to pull Abraham through, never revoking His promise to make a great nation through him. In this art piece I wanted to capture something that exemplified The Lord’s call, provision and the blessing of being considered a friend of God.
On the left is a symbolic representation of God’s call on Abraham’s life, His words are woven between the different elements of the image, as God’s promises remained solid throughout their story.
In the center is a depiction of God lifting Abraham up so he could accomplish the purpose that the Lord had set out for him despite his failures to trust God’s ability to provide.
On the right is the culmination of The Lord and Abraham’s story, an unparalleled friendship between the God of creation and a man.
- Keenan Fitzgerald

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Section four: God Befriends
November 28 - February 06
Israel. • The Messiah. • Prayer. • Worship
Special Messages for Christmas Season

God Invites Us to Experience

Crissy Hatherly
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Artist Description

The inspiration for my piece was that we experience God on an organic, almost a cellular level. As the Holy Spirit dwells within us and brings His light that is all encompassing and ever burning - we experience God working from within us continually molding and shaping us which strengthens us and roots us in His glory.
Thanks for the opportunity to share my art.
- Crissy Hatherly

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Section five: God Invites us to Experience
February 13 - March 13
Providence. • Love. • Wrestling with God

God Plans

Adam Juarez
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Artist Description
The inspiration behind this piece was that in every story of the Bible including the Old Testament, there’s a thread of hope, a glimpse of Christ everywhere you look. Even through the story of Joseph, when you pull on the thread of his coat, as you begin to unravel the story, you see Jesus and His forgiveness, Jesus and His great love, you see Jesus. As we start through Genesis and begin to unravel story after story, we are going to encounter the character and person of Jesus and encounter Him every Sunday.
The thread of hope in Genesis is Jesus.
-Adam Juarez
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Section Six: God Plans
March 20 -May 1
Sin • Forgiveness • A Plan for Everyone
Special Messages for Easter Season