Freedom life Group


Michael & Michelle Millington


We believe that recovery isn’t only for drug addicts and alcoholics. Recovery is also for those struggling with an addict or alcoholic in their family, those who feel they have lost control or those who struggle with issues like lust, relationships or any other compulsive behavior that has taken control of their life.  We are a God-honoring community that believes in the power of Jesus working through the 12 Steps.  We do not believe the power is in the 12 steps.  We do not believe the power is in the fellowship.  We believe the power is in Jesus Christ alone.  The 12 steps are simply a sanctification process that God leads us through.  

If you think you may need help or would like to find out more information about the Freedom Life Group, please email us at or come and join us on Wednesday nights at 7pm in the chapel.


What to expect

Every Wednesday we begin with worship, then a biblical recovery teaching.  We then break up into small support gorups.

Our current support groups are:

  • Women’s Co-dependancy/Family Support
  • Women’s Addiction
  • Men’s Addiction
  • Men’s Co-dependancy/Family Support

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