April 1

Egg Hunt

10am – 2pm
Free event open to the public, everyone is welcome!

April 2

Palm Sunday – The King has Come

9am, 11am

April 6

The Garden and the Courtyard



We will read about Jesus in the Garden and the Courtyard and see how Peter was an earthly man, prone to act out in his flesh but how Jesus worked in His life. We will see what life looks like when we run in our own strength but also how His sustaining power and faithful intercession and love is available to all of us in our struggles.  

April 7

Good Friday – Behold the Man



We will be looking at how Jesus suffered as we do. He has been qualified as our High Priest, understanding our weaknesses, and capable of sympathizing with our struggles. 

April 9

Easter Sunrise Service

6am on the field

Easter – Whom Are You Seeking

8am, 10am, 12pm
Baptisms will be held after the 12pm service


We look to the story of Jesus’ resurrection when He asked Mary, “Whom are you seeking?” Today, Jesus asks all of us that very question. What are you building your life upon? Where are you placing your trust? There is only One person worthy and able to answer the biggest questions in your life, and His name is Jesus.

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