Watch a Message About Break New Ground

time is short… the work is great

Our 2024 initiatives are a direct result of God’s leading through prayer.  Our mission is to be a community of Jesus followers who WORSHIP God, GROW as disciples, and REACH Las Vegas and the world with the gospel.  Our vision is to bring a spiritual awakening in Las Vegas and the world through the love of Jesus Christ.

Everything we do has this at its core and we are so excited to see what God does this year as we walk with Him.  None of these objectives are easy but we know that with God all things are possible and the harder they are, the greater His glory is displayed.  Together, we are believing God for the great things He will do and celebrating with thanksgiving for all that He has done.



Awaken Events are large-scale evangelistic events in urban areas throughout the world.   Specifically, the vision for Awaken Events is to reach all areas south of the United States including Mexico, Central and South America.  We have seen over 9,000 decisions for Christ and have reached more than 120,000 people since 2017 with previous events in Mazatlán, Mexico City, and Tijuana. 

We have been invited by a team of pastors from Natal, Brazil from over 30 churches to partner with them to make Jesus known through an event there.  Awaken Events aspires to be a beacon of hope, drawing together believers from diverse backgrounds to celebrate the love of Christ. Through powerful gatherings, we create an atmosphere that inspires faith, love, and unity among the attendees and an opportunity to hear the gospel message and make a decision to follow Jesus.

Awaken Aid is the compassionate arm of every Awaken Event that extends God’s love beyond the spiritual realm to meet tangible needs. We partner with local churches, to provide free medical care, clothing, food, legal services, dental care, and more to communities in need.

Please pray as we walk with our co-laborers in Brazil to plan and prepare throughout 2024 for an event that will be held in early 2025.



We are building a community of unified churches to work together to make disciples of Jesus from all peoples through a global church planting movement.  We believe we are better together than on our own.  Awaken Church Community is committed to forming relationships that encourage each other through support, training, and other resources. 

Since launching in 2023 we have been joined by other churches in Las Vegas, New Hampshire, Phoenix, Mexico, Chile, Nicaragua, Brazil, and Japan.

We are planning a Gathering in 2024 for all Awaken Church Community pastors right here in Las Vegas and also support trips that will help train and equip them throughout the year.  We also have our annual Church Planting Collective held at our La Gloria Training Center. And we are working with Pastor Fernando to plant his church in North Las Vegas.

Please pray for our Awaken Church Community to grow as we plant more churches here in Las Vegas and around the world.


Space for Children

Our most precious resource is our children.  Research tells us that most kids have formed their worldview by the time they reach the age of 13.  We have precious few years to disciple them well and we want to invest in helping families.  That is why we are focusing our efforts in creating a dedicated space for our kids to have fun while learning about Jesus.  This doesn’t just make learning better for kids – it also helps our teachers bring lessons to life with creativity and passion with a space that was built for purpose.

Please pray for the entire process from planning to execution and for His hand to be the one guiding this project.





Pray to join us.  God has called us to big things, but He is a big God and we want to take every step forward with God.  So prayer is vitally important.  Please pray for the following:

  1. For God to guide our leaders in decisions that need to be made for each of these initiatives.
  2. For God to make a way for the best use of our time, energy, and finances during the course of each project throughout 2024.
  3. For this effort to lead to many hearts turning to God in a fruitful harvest.