It Is All a Balancing Act

It Is All a Balancing Act

Sometimes, it takes a person a long time to step back and realize that the only one who can perfect the balance is Jesus.  I have been a mom trying to balance for 34 years! Most of those years I’ve balanced working, mothering, marriage-ing, elfing at Christmas…shhhhh!!!!  I’m the one buying gifts.  Decorating for Christmas is something I’m completely passionate about, so, if we are not extremely careful, we can turn Christmas into something it was never meant to be. 

It’s become of even greater significance, to keep the focus on Jesus, as the present culture seems to over-emphasize everything BUT Him. It’s all about the gift-giving, pictures with Santa, elves on shelves, and of course, the food to the world. To us, as born-again believers, Christmas means Redemption! Here are a few suggestions that I believe are important to put Jesus in the center of your Christmas with your families. 

Begin with the true story of Christmas

I always think it’s amazing that no matter how many times I hear the Christmas story from Luke’s Gospel, I can appreciate something new that God wants to impress upon my heart. Gather the family and open the Bible! Do not open presents until you read the true story of Christmas!

Manger Scavenger Hunt

Have a scavenger hunt and find the different animals, people, star and trough or cradle that would be found in a nativity scene. 

Hide a certain piece around the house each day and have your kids find it and give out a little prize! 

Play Christian Christmas music in your home.

Not just Mariah, Christina & Elvis (which I love also). Try Chris Tomlin, We the Kingdom, For King and Country, Danny Gokey, Jason Crabb, and Lauren Daigle. Play the music and then  praise, worship, dance, and love on Jesus in front of your kids as He loves on you! 

Do a Christmas Craft with the whole family!

There are so many cute ideas, and options that you can purchase on Amazon and Oriental Trading Company that are very cost effective. 

These are just a few tips to put Jesus in the center of your holiday season. 

May God give you and your family, his tender mercies every day of this month. May your family walk in the joy of knowing Jesus.

Blessings on Blessings,