Prayerfully make a goal for your year-end giving toward B2R, Missions/Church Planting, or Awaken Events so we can all say Mission Accomplished and begin 2022 with a new mission.

A look back

Our Vision

Build 2 Reach was a three-year campaign to raise funds to build a dedicated sanctuary for the church that seats many more people and allows Awaken Las Vegas to reach more souls for the gospel of Jesus Christ both here and abroad through the B2R project.

Your continued sacrificial giving to B2R will allow us to upgrade and enhance our facility and to continue to reach our local community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Goal

Our goal is to have 100% participation with each family and individual who calls ALV their home church. That’s you! We believe as each of us prayerfully considers a commitment to give an amount above and beyond our regular tithing that we will reach our 3 year goal of 3.5 million dollars pledged.